Starfish Stories Exhibit

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Starfish Stories

Media For Your Family And Your Church

Time is scarce and family time together is priceless. We offer meaningful, compelling films and media about families who come together and stay together. Stories that speak to what it really means to be a “forever family”, loving each other and making the world a better place.

Marc Harper, Founder and Chief Star Thrower

Marc has been developing large audiences for faith & family films for 30 years. What began as showing movie clips in youth group has become grass roots specialization to send millions of families to inspiring movies worldwide, reaching 200 nations. In 2019, inspired by the film MULLY, he decided to use all of his experience and connections to focus on media to help bring families together and stay together. The simple goal is to inspire more forever families through foster care and adoption. After meeting his wife Ceitci and her screenwriting friend (who himself was an adoptive father) they started Starfish Stories.


Ceitci Demirkova-Harper, Co-Founder

CEO of Changing A Generation, Author, Speaker

Inspired by a heart to help kids and her nation, Ceitci left Bulgaria for America in 1995 with $100 in her pocket and 100 words of English. What began as sending pocket money back to help orphans in her home country has grown into reaching several thousands of kids each year, with a goal to eventually reach all students with a life-giving message. Drawing from experiences of growing up under communism, combined Ceitci has authored 6 books. Motivated by the Impossible, Recognizing Your Invisible Mentors, won two awards and was an Amazon Hot New Seller. Ceitci has had speaking engagements and media appearances almost every week for the last 28 years.


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Agenda (July 26th, 2024)

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